Scroll PC

Scroll PC is lightweight, thin, foldable and scrollable portable computer. In spite of small dimensions and very thin profile it provides display surface of approximately 22", offers touch sensitive function across entire display surface, supports all wireless standards, features high quality electrostatic speakers (integrated in handles), camera (comparable to compact cameras in quality terms), fingerprint or voice recognition, gps, etc.
Battery is very small due to low energy consumption and charging is completely unnecessary since it draws energy from combination of solar panel on back side and nanopiezoelectronic film placed behind screen (piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials to generate an electric field or electric potential under applied mechanical stress, such as typing or touching the screen) - Scroll PC is completely self-powered during usage and/or sunny weather.
Both screen (including handles) and solar panel are protected with thin layer of scratch and weather resistant material, so device can be used in virtually all imaginable conditions.