Peugeot Green Egg

The main idea during creation of the Green Egg concept was to achieve set objectives in a manner of maximal simplicity and cohesion whilst retaining Peugeot stylistic codes. Arguably simplest and most perfect geometrical object - sphere - and its counterpart in living world - egg - are used to maximal possible extent. Great characteristic of both of these objects is generous available space offer inside them.
The result is relatively small city vehicle considering outside dimensions, yet very geneorous in space and comfort offering to both passengers in this two-seater.
Propulsion is provided by two 16KW electromotors fed by Li-Ion batteries, which are sufficient for at least 80km of city driving when fully charged; batteries are simply charged by just plugging into domestic in-house electricity plug, in garage or anywhere else - charging plug is placed behind Peugeot logo on the rear end of car. Braking system is adjusted to recharge batteries any time the car is braking or driving downhill.

Thanks to big transparent cabin passengers are in constant touch with their surroundings and enjoy the maximal visibility in all directions, yet enjoy full comfort of privacy and sun shading as they can control the level of transparent material shading level; additionaly, it is water-deflecting, so the raining conditions are not issue for visibility and safety. Instead of rear mirrors small cameras are used.

Passengers are protected from all horizontal collisions and possible roll-overs by usage of unobtrusive safety frame construction and all common safety systems, such as air bags. Car is virtually silent, even in motion, which is great especially for highly populated urban areas, but carries with itself certain hazards - in first place children and people with sight problems - to aware them of car presence, in situations when needed, car is capable of generating unobtrusive but noticeable sound. For easier access the doors are opening upwards and folding at half height (motorized process), providing easy entrance in tight available space situations, which are to be expected in highly populated areas.

This is one very green, fun, flexible, efficient and practical car - it uses solely electric energy, which is cleanest known energy, widely available and affordable; car itself generates some electricity when braking or driving downhill, and, if you're willing to sacrifice open sky view, solar panels are easily mounted and provide additional energy. Also, car uses low rolling resistance tires for additional reduction of needed energy. Furthermore, vast majority of material used for car construction can be recycled.

Green Egg is fun to drive and obide in - it lures you with its organic and fluid shape, offers very generous space inside cabin and fun driving capabilities - its propelling configuration is very flexible - electromotors can drive rear wheels for sporty go-kart spirit, all wheels for better traction, or front wheels only. Only one motor can be mounted for lighter weight and extent reach with single charging if customer is not interested in fiery temperament.
Great driving abilities are provided with low mass of vehicle, which can be achieved in spite of safety frame and relatively heavy batteries, relatively wide wheels trace and low mass center since the heaviest parts are placed low. This car is not intended for high speeds, but it provieds fun accelerations and is capable of keeping around 100km/h pace, which is adequate for out of the city relations if you usually avoid highways. For additional manoeuvrability and nimbleness, besides front wheels, rear wheels are also tilting.